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It all started in the upstairs of founder, Andrew Foster's 2 story garage, 'The Loft'. The first logo made for a local garage band was a hit and soon lead to others asking for design work. Thanks Windows Millennium and Adobe Photoshop 1!


Fostersloft was born


We become a registered company

Business is in full swing, it was time to go from freelance sidework, to a legit business paying Uncle Sam and such. #Yay! ...not

In August 2012 Fostersloft took on the mountainous State of Colorado. Located in beautiful Golden (12 miles west of Denver), Fostersloft had a whole new market!


We expand to Colorado


HQ moves to Central Nebraska

Our promising journey led us to 'The Good Life' State. Planting our new roots in lovely Grand Island. A quaint medium-sized town in Central Nebraska. Y'all up for tanking and runzas?

Booyah! We ditched our original ball logo straight from 2007 and upgraded to an 'F' formed out of a thin organic line.


New logo is introduced

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